Helping you manage the complex web of information

Welcome to IETech

IETech was born out of the need to manage the evergrowing sea of information. We, basically, are everything 'IT' to small businesses, but with a 'corporate' mentality. We always act in the best interests of our clients; not ourselves. We're dedicated to staying on the 'healthy' edge of technological advancement. Not so far behind that our clients lose their competitive edge, but not so far ahead that they 'bleed' with unreliable services.

IETech has been in business since 1984. Originally, established to design and implement computer systems for small businesses, we've morphed into the more cost effective cloud mentality. We continue to buy, configure, and install workstations for the small business, but our focus is 'remote' data management instead of the antiquated PC 'file' based information flow. Accordingly, we've lowered capital costs, increased the lifecycle of hardware, improved the efficiency of personnel, and all for less.